•  AT-AWG-GS 2500

    14 Bit - 2.5GS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    2.5 GS/s,14 Bit, >1 GHz Analog Bandwidth, 32 Bits/1.25 Gbps Digital Output
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  •  AT-AWG 1102/1104

    16 Bit - 1GS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    1 GS/s, 16 Bit, 125 MHz Analog Bandwidth, Digital Pattern Generator
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  •  AT-1120/AT-1212

    Signal Generator for NI FlexRIO
    Up to 2GS/s, 14 Bit, 800 MHz Bandwidth, customizable FPGA & DSP.
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  •  AT-LA500

    1.5GHz/500 MHz USB Logic Analyzer
    Logic analyzer,Serial Protocol analyzer, Pattern generator, Mixed signal tester.
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  •  AT-VPX1000

    OpenVPX ADC Board

    Up to 12.5GS/s, >8 GHz Bandwidth, customizable FPGA & DSP.
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  •  OEM/ODM for LeCroy

    ArbStudio 1GS/S Arb. Waveform Gen.

    Hardware design, software customization, manufacturing.
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    Tester For NVM Characterization
    228 I/Os, 333 MHz Vectors,up to 32 Sync AWGs@100MS/s,
    9 Parallel PMUs.
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