Pulse Rider PG-1000 Pulse Generator


The Pulse Rider Series is a set of high performance pulse generators, that offer premium signal integrity with the easiest to use touch screen display interface (SimpleRider™).

The Generation of pulses requires only a few screen touches.

The Pulse generator output Voltage can be adjusted up to 5 Volts pk-pk in a window of ±5 Volts with 70 ps edge rate.

Architecture provides the possibility to generate advanced pulse sequences, such as double pulse or quad pulse, with fully independent timing parameters. The maximum repetition rate of Pulse Rider Pulse Generator is 800MHz and the minimum pulse width is 300 ps @ 5V

Take a look to the video below to see how to create a sub-nano second pulse, or download the full documentation in the doc section below, to learn more.

Test with confidence
  • Big physics applications
  • Experiments colliders
  • Lasers modulation
  • Detectors
  • Strips silicon emulation
  • Mass spectroscopy
  • TDT and TDR applications
  • Radar and sonar systems
  • Semiconductors tests
Software User Interface

SimpleRider Pulse Touch User Interface

Simple Rider UI is designed for touch and it has been developed to put all the capabilities of the modern Pulse and Waveform Generators right at your fingertips.

All instrument controls and parameters are accessed through an intuitive UI that recalls the simplicity of Tablets and modern smart phones: touch features and gestures are available to engineers and scientists to create single or multiple pulses (dual, triple and quadruple pulse mode) in few touches.

Pulse Screen 01

Pulse Screen 02

Key Features
  • Up to 4 channels
  • < 70 ps rise/fall time (20%-80%)
  • Adjustable output level from 10 mVpp to 5 Vpp
  • Adjustable baseline offset ± 2.5 V
  • Maximum repetition rate 800 MHz per channel
  • Pulse width from 300 ps to > 1 s
  • Width resolution 10 ps
  • continuous, single, burst, gated, external trigger mode
  • Trigger in to output jitter < 35ps RMS
  • External clock-in and clock-out for easy synchronization
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