OEM / ODM Solutions

Very often happens Automated Test Equipment manufactures and system integrators need of a signal generator into their system. If an arbitrary waveform generator, a function generator or a pulse pattern generator is required into a complex test bench, the fastest time to market solution is to adopt an off-the-shelf solution.

Active Technologies can customize and help to optimize the integration of multi-channel solutions (4 and 8 channel arbitrary waveform function generators)

The Arb Rider Series AWG-2000 (2 and 4 channels) the AWG-4000 (2, 4 and 8 channels) and the AWG-5000 (2, 4 and 8 channels) can cover application from 100MHz to beyond 2 GHz.

If a fast Pulse Generator is required the Pulse Rider PG-1000 can deliver the fastest rise and fall time < 70ps combined with 5Vpp amplitude.

All Rider solutions are developed into a 3U – 19” rackmount standard to simplify the process of integration with the final ATE or test bench.

6GS/s 16 bit arbitrary waveform generator