Some years ago Keysight (former Agilent) discontinued the popular 81110a (Datasheets here) pulse pattern generators, leaving a big gap in the test and measurement market. Researchers from all countries around the world were looking for alternatives, but it was not so easy to find a 10V (on 50 ohm load) pulse pattern generator capable to match the features of 81110a.

In particular the 81110a is capable to generate patterns with custom programmable transition edges, PRBS applying NRZ and RZ modes.

Active Technologies’ Pulse Pattern Generators can easly replace discontinued 81110A from Keysight offering the same set of functionlities.

The AWG-4000 pulse pattern generator is capable to reach 12Vpp into 50ohm and 1ns rise time adding the following benefits:

  • symmetric rise and fall time (1ns)
  • fast repetition rate up to 150 MHz
  • minimum pulse width of 2.5ns @ 10V amplitude

10V Pulse

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