About Active Technologies

Active Technologies was founded in 2003 as start-up of the University of Ferrara, in Italy, and immediately involved in large EU research experiments, mostly vs semiconductor test and innovative instrumentation design.

The company mission is to deliver to the market best signal stimulus solution as fast pulse generators, arbitrary waveform generators and data pattern generators.

The research group works in a close cooperation with physics and academic research centers, semiconductor and automotive industries, in order to deliver the state of the art signal source solutions for testing.

The OEM projects in cooperation with top Test and Measurement players (i.e NI and Teledyne LeCroy) proof the unique features and the flexibility of the technologies developed by Active Technologies.

As a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), Active Technologies can be involved in EU research projects to customize a specific test solution.

So far Active Technologies has already joined 9 EU projects under FP7, H2020, ECSEL and KDT JU programs.

All Products are designed and manufactured in Italy (100% MADE IN ITALY PRODUCTS)

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ACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES is a trademark registered at The International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with registration number: 1 621 638