Arb Rider AWG-2000 Pulse Generator

Time to Reinvent Advance Pulse Generator

The ARB Rider AWG-2000 is the cost-effective and powerful 2 or 4 channel Waveform Generator with with Pulse Generator funtionalities.

Thanks to the extremely easy to use interface, it’s possible set a pulse train in few clicks. AWG-2000 is the ideal choice for physic experiment, automotive test validation, IoT & sensor emulation.
The 8 channel digital option combined with 2 or 4 analog channels make the AWG-2000 a full featured mix signal generator. It’s now possible generate 2 o 4 analog signals fully synchronized with 8 digital lines (LVTTL or LVDS standards)


MODEL No. of Channels Rise/Fall Time (20%-80%) Amplitude Baseline Offset Min. Pulse Width
AWG-2182 2 2.2ns 6Vpp into 50 Ohm (std) | 12Vpp into 50 Ohm (HV Opt.) 0 5 ns
AWG-2184 4 2.2ns 6 Vpp into 50 Ohm (std) | 12Vpp into 50 Ohm (HV Opt.) 0 5 ns

7″ Capacitive Touch Screen Display


ArbRider AWG-2184: 180 MHz – 600 MS/s – 16 Bits Arbitrary Waveform Generator


Soft Keyboard


4 BNC Analog Outputs Connectors



  • Width = 36.2 cm | 142.51 inches
  • Height = 14.3 cm | 56.3 inches
  • Depth = 25.8 cm | 101.57 inches
Test with confidence
  • 7″ Touch Screen display and Soft Keyboard
  • 2 or 4 Analog Channels + 8 Digital Channels (optional)
  • full synchronization between analog and digital channels
  • Advanced sequencer and waveform editor included in the basic price
  • Create Easily waveforms and pulses with Simple Rider UI
Software User Interface

Intuitive User Interface: Simple Rider AFG and Simple True ARB

SimpleRider UI is designed as a quick touch to drive to impose simplicity in operating with a signal generator, by optimizing the today’s modern technique, used on Tablet or smart phones, of capacitive touch screen display.

SIMPLE AFG software:


Key Features

AWG 2182 / AWG2184

  • 600 MS/s (1.2 GS/s 2x interleaved), 16 Bit Vertical Resolution
  • Minimum Edge time down to 2.2 ns
  • Maximum dynamic range up to 12Vpp into 50 ohms (24V on open)
  • Up to 256 Mpts per Channel
  • up to 8 Digital Channels synchronous with analog Channels
  • SW User Interfaces: Simple Rider for AFG mode and Simple True Arb for AWG mode
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