Press Release

Ferrara ( Italy ) 13th August 2016

RPX Series, Rackmount Recording and Playback system combine a powerful platform capable to acquire, storage and generate huge amount of data and a scalable system in terms of number of channels and performance. The compact and robust rack mount form factor makes the
RPX Series the ideal platform for innovative projects in the field of big physics, space and radar applications .The architecture of the platform is designed to guarantee the data transfer and the synchronization between the modules of the same chassis and chassis to chassis. The system has been fully developed in Europe and can be distributed and fully supported by Active Technologies all around European Union free of export license issues.

Single System is based on 4 PCI express board based on Xilinx Kintex 7 FPGAs and customizable with mezzanine FMC modules. This may allow to record up to 640 channels of I/O interface for complex multi channels applications or ADCs /DACs acquisition systems for a very long acquisition and/or generation of long waveforms. Transfer rate will be up 16 Gbyte of data, using DDR3 memory for each of the boards for a total storage capacity of 16 Terabytes of Disk Storage array, even removable. Each of the board may reach 4 Gbyte / Second of continuous transfer rate from FPGAs board to the SSD storage array. System may be combined and synchronized up to 8 systems for a total capacity of 5120 channels and 128 Terabytes of storage capacity at 32 GByte/ second transfer rate. System allows several applications for Avionics, Satellites , Radar or EW systems , with acquisition of data and/or countermeasure (DACs). May be used in advance research systems such accelerators or plasma physics research where combination of speed and number of channels will be essentials.

Applications areas : Big Physics
 /Space, radar and satellite/ Telco / Spectrum monitoring/ Packet sniffing Wireless receiver design, validation and verification / Digital Video Broadcasting BER tests

 About Active Technologies

Founded in 2002 by a staff of engineers from the University of Ferrara (NE of Italy) involved in large EU research experiments mostly vs. semiconductor test and innovative instrumentation design. Company is evolving to deliver the industry’s best signal stimulus solution by using disruptive and innovative DACs proprietary technology. This allows the creation of new generation of very complex signals, combined with controllable jitter, noise and other signal impairments. Our products fits nicely advance research pulse generation providing best in class pulse generation, great solution in complex defense electronics application such radar pulse generation and EW signaling and modulation. Our proprietary DACs technology is the most cost effective solution for a new generation of instruments , lower in cost and easy to be used and adapted in several applications for industrial application such automotive and Power combining best in class performance and price solution. AT is also one of Major supplier of OEM solution for T&M leaders.