Pulse Generator for Physics experiments

Laser Driver test

In big physics experiments, photomultipliers are fundamental since they allow to convert photons in electric charge that can be received by the acquisition system allowing the detecting photons. The emission of phonons can be correlated to a specific phenomenon studied by physicians like the Cherenkov effect. During the photomultipliers design and production stages, it is necessary to characterize and calibrate them using a laser beam or a LED diode. The light source must be driven by an enable signal with a fixed width and repetition. Using Active Technologies Pulse Rider PG-1000 Series pulse generators it is possible to generate a pulse with different width, period and amplitude.
It is very fast and easy setting a single pulse, put the instrument waiting for external trigger-in, or generate pulses in continuous way.


Active Technologies PG-1072 and PG-1074 deliver exceptional fast rise and fall time down to 70ps and a minimum pulse width of 300ps.

Sub-nanosecond pulse generation 5V output swing is now easy to get, just setting few parameter in the moder and easy to use interface.

The signal quality and reliability of the pulses are demonstrated on the filed, by oscilloscope measurements. The above picture shows 5V amplitude and <300ps width pulse.

Ferrara, April 10th, 2020


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