Pulse Generator


In the last year, the most important Test & Measurement manufacturers have discontinued a wide set of Pulse Generators, a kind of instrument extremely useful for physics experiment, radar and sonar applications, semiconductor characterization. Active Technologies proposes some pulse generator replacement solutions.

The following equipment from Tektronix

PSPL2600 and PSPL2600C (Datasheets here)

PSPL10050A  PSPL10060A  PSPL10070A  PSPL10300B (Datasheets here)

PSPL1P601  PSPL1P602 (Datasheets here)

and the following equipment form Keysight (former Agilent)

81110A  8110A  8112A  8130A  81130A  8131A  8133A  81180B  81101A  81104A

(Datasheets here)

have been discontinued by original manufacturers. Active Technologies offers a nice set of innovative Pulse Generators that can replace obsolete equipment and allow you to restart your research activity. Check the available models on the following link

or contact us to discuss your needs or to know equivalent models:

Active technologies is a EU based company which works in a close cooperation with physics and academic research centers, semiconductor and automotive industries, in order to deliver the state of the art solution for signal testing.

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