Ultra-High Frequency (500 MHz) Capacitance Spectroscopy for Nanobiosensing

Active Technologies Fast Pulse Generator PG-1000 contributes in another innovative project published by IEEE Sensor Test: Ultra-High Frequency (500 MHz) Capacitance Spectroscopy for Nanobiosensing.


The application reports unprecedented ultra high frequency capacitance spectroscopy measurements up to 500 MHz on a nanoelectrode array for biosensing applications, which extends considerably the previous 70 MHz limit. To achieve this goal, a high-frequency adapter board and measurement system are designed to drive the sensing nanoelectrodes of an existing biochip with appropriate clocks generated by an advanced high-speed Pulse Generator (PG-1000). Experimental results in dry and in electrolyte conditions are reported. The extended frequency range enables to overcome the Debye screening cut-off frequency of electrolytes at physiological salt concentrations, thus disclosing new perspectives for single molecule detection.

The full paper is available on IEEE website

Ferrara – Italy, Dec.-12, 2020