A quick video to introduce the unique capability of AWG-4000 series to synchronize multiple units and build an Arbitrary Waveform Generator up to 32 Channels.

Active Technologies AWG-4000 Waveform Generators allow multiple unit synchronization (up to 4 units) combining 32 analog and 128 digital channels (Markers).

The output signal can reach a maximum amplitude of 24Vpp (on high impedance load) and thanks to the hardware offset control, it is possible shift the output signal from 0 to 24V down to 0 to -24V, for a total output voltage window of 48V.

By this system it’s possible generate up to 32 fully synchronized pulses, with a maximum amplitude of 24V and a minimum width of 3 ns.

The powerful sequencer with advanced conditional jumps, allows the user to create complex  scenario and build test sequences for automated test benches.

Active Technologies products are fully supported by a worldwide network of distributors.

Active Technologies

Ferrara, Italy  24-06-2021