Toward Intrinsic Ferroelectric Switching in Multiferroic BiFeO3

Active Technologies Fast Pulse Generator PG-1000 (sold in US in cooperation with Berkeley Nucleonics and named Model-765) contributes to the development of the physic experiment:


Toward Intrinsic Ferroelectric Switching in Multiferroic BiFeO3


Thanks to the high speed PG-1000 pulse generator, the researchers were able to access timescales very rarely accessed in pulsed, voltage-current measurements. With that product and excellent support, the researchers successfully developed and built a new experiment and experimental protocol leading to a novel publication on limits for switching BiFeO3, a promising material for next generation computer architecture.

The PG-1000 pulse generator combines a fast rise and fall time of transitions (<70 ps transition time) and 5Vpp amplitude. Architecture provides the possibility to generate advanced pulse sequences, such as double pulse or quad pulse, with fully independent timing parameters. The maximum repetition rate of Pulse Rider Pulse Generator is 800MHz and the minimum pulse width is 300 ps @ 5V

The full paper is available on APS (American Physical Society) website

Ferrara – Italy, 30.10.2020