Let me use this opportunity to thanks all customers , partners and friends visiting us on our booth in Electronica 2018. This was a great event for Active Technologies, we been recognized as a new innovative company breaking all records on signal generation. This is time to re-invent the signal generation market, we made our products in really short windows of time and now the new Rider series is on the market. Our new technologies, (6 Gs @ 16 Bits ) and our new Rider Edge amplifier reaching less then 70 PS transition edge @ 5Volts , are now officially released and embedded on our products.

Pulse Rider is also setting a new record in signal sourcing , by having less than 70 ps @ 5 Volts , this product will an be the essential tool to be used on the most extreme colliders, Linach, mass spectroscopy event but also a unique EU solution vs Semiconductor test and Military application related to radar and sonar signal generation.

Active Technologies is now setting a new limits vs waveforms and pulse generation and we are well prepared to raise the bar year after year to became the lighthouse reference in critical segment.

Again thanks you all for having visiting us in Munich.

Fabio Rossi