Active Technologies introduces best in class 1GHz , high performance ARB 4022 Rider™ Generator below 20.000 euro

Active Technologies introduces best in class 1GHz , high performance ARB 4022  Rider™ Generator , with best performance mid-range AWG , AFG and Pulse Generation below 20.000 euros

Ferrara, Italy Press Release N.5

The Series ARB 4022 Riders, offer premium signal integrity, with the easiest to use touch screen display interface. The generator combine AWG and AFG functionalities, combined with 16-32 optional digital channels. The output voltage can be adjusted up to 5 Vp-p, reaching less than 350 ps smooth transitions time with minimal overshoot and ringing. (Rider FastEdge)

The ARB Rider Series , based on a 2,5 Gs/s DAC with  14 bits resolution , offers premium signal integrity with the easiest to use touch screen display interface (SimpleRider). The Generation of complex signals requires only a few screen touches. The output Voltage can be adjusted up to 5 Volts pk-pk into a 50 Ω load with possibility, thanks to the direct analog  Bandwidth of 1 GHz, performing edges lower than  350 ps.(based on RiderEdgeTM technology @500 mV).

The ARB 4022 Rider includes the most ergonomic user interface on the Arbitrary Generators market, which allows users to generate waveforms quickly by a few screen touches. The 7” touch screen display makes extremely easy to define the perfect signals  for your application by offering a complementary soft keyboard and a useful central knob for fine-tuning and adjustments during the set up operation. Configurations may be stored on the system memory for easy configuration recalls. (USB  input also provided for personalized usage units for multiple users) . Multiple channel generation is always available with the basic Dual Channel version.  The ARB 4022 Rider perfectly match the demand waveform generator with full function AFG and AWG with digital channels modes. Thanks to the Simple Rider interface user’s has a dedicated interface similar to traditional AFG . This made simple and quick the generation arbitrary waveforms or complex modulations in few bottom clicks . The touch screen displays all related parameters at one glance with possibility of using the internal or external display mode. DDS’s Patent feature is helping designers  to switch from one frequency to another by simply rotating knob or button clicks, without concerning the sampling rate or waveform length. In Advanced mode, designers may generates complex waveforms with up to 16,384 entries of analog waveforms and digital patterns in a sequence, in terms of loops, jumps, and conditional branches.

Trigger events may be generated internally or capture by external analog trigger input or remotely from Ethernet or GBIP connections. The trigger output may be delayed according to the application, thanks to RiderEdge technology, amplified to increase the dynamic from small signals inputs. Trigger in and Trigger out may be used to sync multiple units to obtain several pulses and provide a perfect solution for specifics application in Big Physics or Military application. The large dynamic range combined with the fast edge rate represents an excellent solution for semiconductor validation as well.

Several application areas:

Arb and Function Riders will be the iconic instrument for several applications. Emulation of  I/Q RF modulation vs wireless devices is becoming essential on  Internet of things or  industry 4.0 applications. Industrial segment such Power or Automotive , are requiring the generation of  Power Train signals , PWM modulation or CAN and Ethercat patterns . Each engineer may use ARB Riders to  emulate  signals to be applied on devices under test with the possibility to insert noise and distortion  and  test the ability of devices to be compliant to the standards.

Research centers and Universities, will be  key users of have Rider generator ‘s series.  Complex waveform and/or fast Pulses or sophisticated emulation of  multilevel edges are widely used in large experiments such Accelerators, Tokamak or synchrotrons. Defense signals from sonar or radar application will be also easily generated from the ARB 4000 series. The fast edge and large Bandwidth may also help the device characterization on Silicon Chips.

More information about the new AWG4022 are available here

About Active Technologies

Founded in 2002 by a staff of engineers from the University of Ferrara (NE of Italy) involved in large EU research experiments mostly vs. semiconductor test and innovative instrumentation design. Company is evolving to deliver the industry’s best signal stimulus solution by using disruptive and innovative DACs proprietary technology. This allows the creation of new generation of very complex signals, combined with controllable jitter, noise and other signal impairments. AT products fits nicely advance research pulse generation providing best in class pulse generation, great solution in complex defense electronics application such radar pulse generation and EW signaling and modulation. AT, proprietary DACs technology is the most cost effective solution for a new generation of instruments, lower in cost and easy to be used and adapted in several applications for industrial application such automotive and Power combining best in class performance and price solution. AT is also one of Major supplier of OEM solution for T&M leaders.



Rider Series™ (Pulse Rider ™,  Arb Rider ™ , Function Rider ™ ) are registered trademark of Active Technologies, Ferrara, Italy.


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