T3AWG 3352

Active Technologies is pleased to annouce a new cooperation with Teledyne LeCroy and the release of the world’s first High Definition arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs). The dual-channel AWGs are branded T3AWG3252 (250 MHz) and T3AWG3352 (350 MHz) and offer 16 bits of vertical voltage resolution, an output voltage window of up to ±24 V, and waveform memory of up to 1 GS/channel.

The products have a large set of applications in semiconductor test, power and sensor simulation, high energy physichs experiments and A&D research.

The new product family is fully supported and sold by Teledyne LeCroy worldwide network. More information are available on Teledyne LeCroy webiste:


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About Active Technologies

Active Technologies is an original equipment manufacturer of high performance Arbitrary Waveform Generator and fast Pulse Generator and Pulse Pattern Generator instruments. The products are fully designed and manufactured in ITALY.