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Active Technologies is pleased to announce AWG-5000, the world’s fastest 16 bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator:

  • 6.16 GS/s real time update rate
  • 16 bit vertical resolution
  • 4 Gpoint memory per channel
  • 2, 4 or 8 channel models

AWG-5000 is equipped with a unique 5Vpp – 2GHz bandwidth – DC coupled amplifier (original design by Active Technologies), which allows the instrument to generate 5Vpp amplitude – 110ps rise and fall time pulses.

The software interface makes the instrument setup extremely easy to do. AWG-5000 is the ideal choice for Physics Experiments, Quantum computers, and Aerospace & Defense applications.

A dedicated intra-chassis synchronization bus, allow multi-instrument synchronization up to 4 units: 32 analog channels and 128 digital channels for the most powerful mixed signal generator in the world.

Additional information of the product is available on AWG-5000 page


Ferrara, Italy  Oct., 15th – 2020