Model-685 Berkeley Nucleonics


Active Technologies is pleased to announce a new product introduction in USA market. The AWG-5000 series is now sold in North America by a dual brand cooperation, through the historical partner Berkeley Nucleonics.
The Model-685 is the world’s fasters 16 bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Available in 2, 4 or 8 channel configuration, it delivers unique features like the 5V output amplitude in combination with 110 ps rise time.

The sample rate of 6.16 GS/s in combination with 16 bit vertical resolution allow the Model-685 to generate signals beyond 2 GHz bandwidth. Up to 32 digital channels can be synchronized with the 8 analog ones to create a fast mixed signal generator.
With the ability to easily design sophisticated waveforms through the 7” touch-screen interface, these world’s fasters 16 bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator will prove a combination of powerful and simplicity.

The fast rise time of 110ps at the maximum amplitude of 5Vpp allow the users to generate sub-nano second pulses with programmable rise / fall time and amplitude.

Founded in 1963, Berkeley Nucleonics constantly aims to improve and iterate upon its ever-increasing library of Test and Measurement instruments. Our line of products can be found in research, medical, business and military environments around the world, well regarded for their longevity and versatility. For more details, call 415-453-9955 or go to

Active Technologies

Ferrara, Italy  08-02-2021